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We give your power back to you by providing real world health solutions

We are different
We are not fitness models
We are not athletes who perform amazing feats
We are not going to demand volumes of your time for crazy exercise or nutrition plans

We are a team of everyday people who are passionate about creating real life change with you and yours!

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Empowering corporates to build a healthy and sustainable workforce



Corporate workplaces expose employees to hazards which negatively impact their mental and physical health. This is an increasing cost to Business



Aligning with UN Sustainability Goal 3, our wellbeing risk management SaaS provides tangible and engaging health tech tools. Change your life, improve your productivity and empower you



Our interactive online ecosystem including desk.coach, movement.coach and myintention.coach supporting healthy behaviour change by providing efficient and tangible services that can be adapted specifically for you

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Outcome 2


A psychologically safe workplace (ISO45003) and an em-u 'empowered you' that ripples to your family, team and community


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